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    4. Service

      1, The gold system, professional service.

      After sale service process and specification to user needs as the center, composed of professional and technical personnel and professional customer service personnel after sale service team,  construct a systematic, professional, standardized Kaida after sale service system,  ensure the quality of service, truly meet the needs of users.


      2, Rapid response, immediate arrival.

      Put the user as the highest interest, always in a state of combat readiness, received customer service telephone within half an hour to respond promptly, in 24 hours, 48 hours outside the user arrive at the scene.


      3, Regardless of the cost

      Solving the problem in the first time is the primary goal, in order not to affect the normal production as the core standard, solving the problems at all costs.


      4, Warm and friendly, safe operation.


      Customer service personnel unified tooling, in the processing of service, active, friendly, willing to sacrifice. Specification for operation, safety and prevention measures. A full range of professional, efficient and safe service user.


      5, Attentive service, the user is supreme.


      The repairer of the drying machine equipment has complete the task, timely cleaning work site; in addition to complete the arrangements of after-sales service, also free of equipment overhaul. In the process of service,  respect the user, respect yourself, treat customers with sincere service attitude, exquisite professional technology to solve the problem, beyond customer satisfaction.
      6, Regular inspection and maintenance guide.


      Every 3 months, a professional after-sales personnel was arranged to maintenance and guidance.


      7,Lifetime technical support service.
      After the expiration of the warranty, the warranty service does not work when the charges; provide lifetime technical support services.


      8, 24 hours after-sales service.

       24 hour customer service hotline: 400-779-7276.