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    4. Gypsum dryer can greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises

      - May 08, 2019 -

      There are many kinds of gypsum dryer.

      After years of in-depth study of microwave energy by many experts in Henan Province, a microwave gypsum dryer has been developed, which breaks the traditional drying concept of drying equipment and realizes the industrial efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection in a real sense.

      At present gypsum is widely used in the construction industry of our country, and in the process of house decoration, Gypsum board and gypsum line are indispensable building materials. Therefore, the demand for gypsum is increasing, and the increase of enterprise output is the best way to increase enterprise profits. Microwave gypsum dryer can greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises, and energy saving and environmental protection, which has great significance for enterprises. Characteristics of gypsum drying equipment:

      1, stainless steel material of industrial grade

      2, energy saving cost over 30%

      3, easy operation, stepless adjustment of microwave power and transmission speed, no thermal inertia, open and stop, simple and easy to control, greatly improving production efficiency.

      4, improve product quality

      5, safety and environmental protection and pollution-free: improve production environment, microwave equipment without waste heat radiation, dust, noise, pollution

      6, improve working conditions: PLC touch screen control, man-machine interface automatic control, greatly improve working conditions


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