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    4. Vacuum drying equipment is expected to become the mainstream of the industry

      - May 08, 2019 -

      In the drying industry of our country, the development of vacuum drying equipment is relatively late. The development of vacuum drying equipment is slow because of the technical difficulty and high equipment requirements. In recent years, the technology of drying equipment industry has matured in our country. It is gradually approaching to internationalization, scale and standardization. Vacuum drying equipment is expected to become the mainstream of the industry.

      P>In recent years, the demand for drying equipment in pharmaceutical industry has gradually increased. Especially in the vacuum drying equipment, the demand for large size equipment, equipment with functional combination (such as granulation-drying, drying-filtering) is increasing. High automation drying equipment is also very popular in some application fields. Drying equipment is mainly used for powder drying, baking and disinfection and sterilization of various glass containers. Especially suitable for drying heat-sensitive, decomposible, oxidizable and complex components of goods for rapid and efficient drying treatment.

      Vacuum drying equipment and technology have the advantages of low temperature drying, less destruction of active ingredients, loose and easy dissolution absorption, drying and sterilization at the same time, thus ensuring high effective ingredients, high sterility index and good oral absorption of products. Industry insiders pointed out that domestic enterprises have accelerated the research of vacuum drying technology, and some enterprises have made breakthroughs. To a certain extent, they have reduced energy consumption, reduced pollution, brought more benefits and value to society, and made due contributions to the realization of green production and low-carbon production. The microwave vacuum drying equipment independently developed in Henan Province has the most advanced microwave vacuum drying technology in China and the best equipment quality in the same industry, which can be customized for customers according to their needs. From vacuum drying equipment design, production, transportation, installation, commissioning, normal work to after-sales service, Henan Provides one-stop technical support for customers, free technical maintenance, spare parts upgrade, to solve the enterprise's worries.

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