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    4. New Ideas for the Development of Drying Equipment Industry

      - May 08, 2019 -

      Drying equipment is widely used in chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, agricultural and forestry products, grain, light industry and other fields. The application of microwave in drying equipment breaks the limitation of drying equipment, making more industries can also use drying equipment to microwave drying of materials that need to be dried in the production process. The difference between microwave drying equipment and traditional drying equipment is that microwave is selective heating, and the principle of microwave drying is different according to the absorption of different substances. Water molecule absorbs microwave very well. When microwave acts on water molecule, it can accelerate the activity of water molecule, which makes water molecule volatilize at high speed.

      China's drying equipment industry has gone through more than 20 years from its formation, development to gradual maturity. After more than 20 years of development, China's drying equipment industry has formed a certain number of enterprises and production scale.

      In 2013, the foreign economy has a warming trend. Due to the implementation of national policies and the increase of market demand, the operation speed of machinery industry economy in 2013 will be slightly higher than that in 2012, but the overall level is still at a low level. It is expected to continue to achieve growth of about 10 percentage points throughout the year.

      From the current situation, the main driving force of machinery industry economic operation speed in 2013 comes from domestic large and medium-sized enterprises. By virtue of their own strength advantages, these enterprises can better enjoy the benefits of national policies and the recovery of overseas markets. For the vast number of small and medium-sized machinery enterprises, they are still struggling in the competitive environment where the homogenization of many mechanical products is serious.

      Because of the limitation of enterprise strength, small and medium-sized machinery enterprises, facing the double pressure of domestic machinery giants and foreign technology giants, pay more attention to market segmentation and precise positioning enterprises, but out of the independent market. Specifically speaking, small and medium-sized machinery enterprises should carefully study the market, proceed from the products produced by enterprises at present, carry out technological innovation, seize the market gap and go up against the trend. Experts in Henan Province said that if pharmaceutical machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises produce tablet presses and their fist products are rotary tablet presses, they should concentrate their efforts on resolving the problem of dust generated by rotary tablet presses and make articles on energy-saving and environmental protection, rather than constantly developing new products, leading to a grasp of all kinds of products, and finally nothing.

      Enterprise's technological core tries a sharp sword, with a sharp sword to develop the enterprise's development path is a shortcut for enterprise development. Henan focuses on the field of microwave drying and provides microwave drying equipment and drying equipment for enterprises. Welcome to call for consultation.

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