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    4. Grain dryer helps solve the problem of farmers'grain drying!

      - May 08, 2019 -

      Henan Microwave Equipment Network News:

      On Thursday, October 3, Henan Satellite TV News reported that Mr. Liu, Xixian County, Xinyang City, harvested hundreds of thousands of kilograms of sorghum this year. Now piled together, sorghum moisture has more than 30, piled together, has begun to heat, if two days can not be completely dried, it has to become mildewed. After buying the grain dryer, everything will not be a problem.

      They said that in the past, the average cost of employing people to sun grain was tens of yuan per mu of land. The most important thing was that it took too long to catch up with the rainy season and it would be mildewed. The cost of using grain dryer was slightly higher, but it could greatly improve the drying efficiency, and there was no mildew and deterioration. After drying, the moisture content of sorghum is at the right of 14, which decreases by 20 and is stored directly in storage.

      This year, Henan Province arranged subsidized funds for dryers to provide 86.4 million yuan, of which 43.2 million yuan is the provincial financial award subsidy fund, which is the largest year in the past years. More than 300 grain dryers have been subsidized to farmers, and the daily drying capacity is about 40 million jin.

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