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    4. Microwave drying technology to solve industrial drying problems!

      - May 08, 2019 -

      Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: I have developed industrial drying technology rapidly, in a short period of 30 years drying equipment types have developed to more than 60 kinds. At present, the domestic demand will be about 30,000 units per year. Some large-scale domestic drying equipment has replaced the original imported equipment and become the core equipment of domestic chemical enterprises. Microwave drying technology has been found and applied by more and more people in the drying industry under the environment of energy saving. In theory, microwave drying technology can solve any drying needs of customers. The application of microwave in drying equipment has solved many problems that can not be solved by traditional drying equipment, such as drying with relatively small water content, generally reducing only 20% of the water content; and drying of viscous materials, embryo body and parts, filter cake drying, uniform drying, deep drying, fast drying, energy-saving drying and a series of high-demand drying. Microwave can also inhibit the growth of microorganisms while drying, thus playing a bactericidal effect. At the same time, microwave drying equipment has unique characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection. Compared with conventional drying, microwave drying can generally save 50%. The equipment uses microwave radiation to transfer energy. Microwave directly acts on objects without heat conducting medium. According to the principle of water molecule absorption wave, the shortcoming of slow heat conduction under vacuum is eliminated. So relative to the speed, efficiency, drying cycle is greatly shortened, energy consumption is reduced. No noise, no toxic gas and liquid emissions, belong to the real environmental protection drying technology. However, due to the relatively high cost of microwave drying equipment, it has not been widely used in various industries, but in some industries with higher added value, such as medicine, chemical industry, powder, food, refractory and so on.

      At present, the proportion of drying energy consumption in China is almost double that in Britain. Enterprises should further seek to upgrade energy-saving technology in the future. Drying equipment manufacturing enterprises should shoulder the mission of providing energy-saving and environmental protection products for the industry. Energy-saving and environmental protection will become the focus of drying equipment development in the future. Enterprises should grasp the key points and keep moving towards high efficiency and low energy consumption in development.

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