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    4. Sauce automatic packaging machine

      - Mar 19, 2015 -

      Work flow:

        Take the bag →code→ open the bag→filling materials, vibration material→heat sealing→finished products

      Model GRT-200 GRT-250 GRT-300
      Packaging type Four side seal bags, three sides sealing bag, portable bag, hand bag, zipper bag, compound bag paper bag etc.
      Bag size(W*L) 80-200*100-300mm 100-250*100-300mm 180-300*100-300mm
      Packing weight(g) 5-1500 5-1500 100-2500
      Packaging speed 25-40 bags/min 20-40bags/min
      Accuracy ±1%-±2%
      Power(Kw) 5 1.5 3
      Application Hot pot bottom material, Mongolia Hot pot seasoning, Sichuan sauce, spicy oil, chili sauce, bean paste, tomato sauce, jam, detergent, Yellow Wine, rice vinegar, fruit juices and other liquid, oil, paste material.
      Optional equipment Storage tank, mixing tank, feeding pump, material package conveyor, weight balance, metal detection machines, second automatic packing, packing sealing, packing, palletizing system.
      Note 1,Provided non-standard design according to the requirements of customers.
      2, Optional equipment configured according to the needs of customers.

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