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    4. Multifunctional vegetable cutter

      - Mar 19, 2015 -


      Basic parameter

        Finished Product Fineness :1-25mm

        Weight :200




        This machine is used for cutting the various Stem leaves soft vegetables(Celery, leeks, spinach, green Chinese onion,etc) and slice for the thin and long hard vegetables (cucumber, carrot),this machine is the ideal device for the pasta processing, vegetable cuttings.


        This machine adopts the high speed cutting rotary cutter, various vegetables and cut into sections or slices, with a section of good quality, thickness and length uniformity, sections fresh, the fibrous tissue will not be destroyed. With the features of high efficiency, convenient operation, low energy consumption, health, safety and high efficiency.

        3.Structural features and working principle

        The main structure: the machine is mainly composed of a frame, pressing part, transmission part of vegetable dishes, vegetable cutting part and transmission part.

        The main parts for this machine is made with the stainless steel, the conveyor belt and vegetable press belt adopts non-toxic rubber material, to ensure the long term stainless, corrosion, non-toxic and harmless.

        4. Technical parameter

        a) Capacity:120-350kg/h

        b) Cutting speed:810r/min

        c) Motor power:Y802--4 0.75kw orY801—4 0.55kw

        d) Rated voltage:.380V 3~(or 220V~)

        e) Rated Frequency:50Hz

        f) Waterproof Rate:IPX1

        g) Ordinary V belt:A710-1

        h) Size:715*455*580


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